Saturday, February 4, 2012

Union Mythology and Misconception in Australia

I was appalled recently to see unionist thuggery employed to enforce a picket line in the Baiada Poultry dispute. The picket line was ruled illegal by Order of the Supreme Court of Victoria.
Even more disturbing was the shameful stance adopted by the Victoria Police and their Command, in deciding not to enforce the law and stand idly by. Whatever happened to that long established principle of equal treatment before the law for all citizens?

Why is it, that the public understands the term “monopoly” and recognises its negative consequences when applied to businessmen, and yet a union monopoly on the supply of labour is not treated so, but regarded as acceptable.  Unions are just as much a protection racket as businessmen who collude to fleece the public. In the case of the Unions, the unemployed are the victims.

I recently discovered this very enlightening article by Rafe Champion at Quadrant. It provides a historical perspective and helps to explain why the union movement in Australia continues to enjoy protected status above the law that applies to the rest of society.